Canada Delivery

Oh Canada

A friendly welcome to our Canadian customers. We know that shopping from U.S. retailers isn't always easy or cheap. High shipping costs, unexpected duty fees, and long-shipping delays are customary. Here at Dungarees, we want to change that.

Express Canadian Delivery Details:

Express Canadian Delivery for only $21.99*
Duties and Taxes Charged at Checkout (when applicable)

That's it. No catches. No surprises. And no code necessary.

*Express Canadian Delivery is a FedEx Express International Economy service level that delivers our shipments to most locations in Canada within 2-4 business days. Remote areas may see additional days in transit.

You're probably thinking "That's a great shipping service, at a great price, but how quickly will my order ship?"

Find the items you want, add them to your cart, and click the CHECKOUT button. If you see the below message at the top of your cart, you can expect all of your items to be shipped within 1-2 business days.


If you see the following message at the top of your cart, you can expect some of your items will delay the processing of your order. In most cases, orders with this status should ship within 2-6 business days.


How do I know if an item is going to delay the processing of my order?

Each individual item will be clearly marked when you view your cart. If you see the red message above AT THE TOP OF YOUR CART, that means at least one item in your cart will delay processing of your order. Available and Unavailable items will be clearly marked in your cart like this:

Example of Available Shipping

Example of Unavailable Shipping

What if an item isn't available for Express Canadian Delivery?

Generally speaking, items that are marked as 'Unavailable' need to be special ordered and shipped to Dungarees before they can be shipped to you. This process typically only takes a few days, but as a result we cannot guarantee a Express Canadian Delivery to you. In most cases, orders that fall into this category could arrive to you within 10 business days. If you absolutely need to receive an order quickly, you would want to remove any unavailable items from the cart and consider placing a separate order for just those items. If you'd still like to receive all of the items in your cart, we'll still only charge you $21.99, but you won't receive your items as promptly.