Dungarees employees wearing various Carhartt, CAT, Ariat and Timberland PRO clothing.
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Joel wearing his favorite clothing

Joel's Picks

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Joel is the director of product at Dungarees. His experience in the field has exposed him to literally thousands of different apparel products, and he's worn many of them. Joel favors comfort, versatility, function and not too much flash. You'll see all of those attributes in the styles he chose. When he's not at work, Joel enjoys hunting, fly fishing, wild game cooking and traveling with family.

Kenny wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Kenny's Picks

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As commercial sales manager, Kenny can help you outfit your entire company, crew, or office with hard working apparel! He chose the highlighted products below because they are comfortable, practical and easy to wash! When he's not working, Kenny enjoys cycling, hiking and landscaping!

Molly wearing Carhartt leggins and a Carhartt t-shirt

Molly's Picks

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Molly is a store manager at our Columbia location. As a new mother, "comfort is key" for her. She appreciates apparel that's easy to move around in and durable. When she's not working at the store or caring for her newborn son, Molly enjoys painting and drawing!

Colie wearing a Carhartt t-shirt, hat and shorts.

Colie's Picks

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Colie is the lead sales associate at our Columbia store. Colie noted comfort and durability as key features of her selections, but she also appreciates the unique style her Carhartt picks provide. When she's not manning the storefront, Colie loves binging her favorite shows, spending time with friends and family, hiking and fishing.

Tyler wearing a Timberland PRO t-shirt and Carhartt hat.

Tyler's Picks

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Tyler is a warehouse picker at Dungarees. Spending long days on his feet requires gear that's practical, durable and comfortable. His picks offer maximum flexibility, additional storage, and the safety features he needs to get work done in a busy environment. When he's not at the warehouse, Tyler enjoys spending time with friends!