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Carhartt 103508 - Midweight Waterproof Rainstorm Jacket

Key Features: Waterproof and Rugged

Why We Love this Jacket: When you think ultimate moisture protection, this is the jacket you see. With welded seams on a .48 mm thick polyethylene/vinyl material, this jacket doesn't just repel rain, it demolishes it.

Things to Consider: The only drawback to rugged rain jackets like this is that body heat can get trapped inside the garment over long hours of work. A small price to pay when work must go on in the middle of a downpour.

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Carhartt 104039 - Storm Defender® Midweight Hooded Jacket

Key Features: Waterproof and Breathable

Why We Love this Jacket: Featuring Carhartt's Storm Defender® technology, this jacket keeps moisture out, but also allows body heat to escape via a breathable membrane. That means you're protected from outside weather and your body's own sprinkler system!

Things to Consider: While it's great at fighting moisture, this is a midweight jacket. If you're working in colder climates, a heavier option like the J162 Shoreline Jacket might be more appropriate. That jacket features the same moisture-fighting technologies, plus more insulation. If you're looking for something lighter, we like Carhartt's Dry Harbor Jacket, which is the brand's lightest, waterproof jacket.

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CAT 1310052 - H2O Jacket

Key Features: Waterproof and Reflective

Why We Love this Jacket: Like the heavy equipment carrying the same name, CAT apparel is built with the jobsite in mind. Not only is this jacket waterproof, windproof and breathable, but it also features reflective details on the back and loads of pockets and cord management features that keep you safe and protected around jobsite machinery.

Things to Consider: This jacket is rugged and lands a little on the heavy side. If you're working in warmer weather, a lighter option like the CAT Capstone soft shell jacket may be more appropriate.

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Timberland PRO A1OYB - Power Zip Windproof Softshell Jacket

Key Features: Water Resistant and Windproof

Why We Love this Jacket: The modern fit, two-tone color scheme, and jacket material make this a stylish, yet functional companion for cool spring days. Add to it Timberland PRO's patented RainRepel™ technology and you have a jacket made to withstand damp days outdoors.

Things to Consider: While it repels moisture, this is NOT a waterproof jacket. That means you can withstand short stints of rain, but over time you'll eventually get wet. If you're looking for a completely waterproof gear, consider Carhartt's Storm Defender line.

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Dryshod STM-UH - Steel-Toe Max Work Boot

Key Features: 100% Waterproof with a Roll-down Calf Pipe

Why We Love this Boot: You may not know the name Dryshod, but we guarantee you that won't last long. These heavy-duty, waterproof boots are over engineered to keep your feet dry and safe. With genuine natural rubber overlays, a Hydrokote® water repellent system, extra layers of insulating warmth and steel toe protection, these boots have a comfort range from -50° to 65° Fahrenheit.

Things to Consider: This boot is made for it all, meaning it may offer too much warmth and protection in less volatile conditions. If you're looking for a slightly lighter option, consider the Dryshod STT-UH - Steel-Toe Work Boot.

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