Carhartt T-Shirts for Men

Carhartt T-Shirts feature premium fabrics, double-needle stitching, work functional pockets and side seam construction to minimize twisting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carhartt workwear t-shirts are either 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or a poly/cotton blend. Each fabric has distinct characteristics. 100% cotton shirts are soft, breathable, and sturdy. On the downside, they're prone to shrink or wrinkle. 100% polyester shirts are lightweight, durable, and don't wrinkle or shrink, but can be less breathable and very clingy. Poly/cotton shirts combine the strengths of both cotton and polyester. They are soft, lightweight, durable and wick away sweat. Learn more about Carhartt t-shirt materials and shop products from each category.
Carhartt shirts are available in both regular and big & tall sizing. Tall sizes are 2" longer than regular sizes. Tall short-sleeve lengths are 1/2" longer than regular shirts. Tall long-sleeve shirts are 2" longer than regular. Big & tall sizes are available in both Loose and Relaxed Fit shirts.
Carhartt shirts are available in two fit options- loose or relaxed.

- Loose Fit, formerly known as Original Fit, is cut larger to provide a roomier fit in the chest, shoulders, and waist. The most popular example of Loose Fit is Carhartt's K87 pocket t-shirt.

- Relaxed Fit shirts are snugger and fit closer to the body. A popular example of Relaxed Fit is the Carhartt 104616 pocket t-shirt. For more information before you buy, read over the Carhartt Shirt Guide to see how these fits differ and which one is right for you.

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