Carhartt Hats for Men

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Carhartt Hats are made with the same attention to detail, premium materials and quality construction as Carhartt's apparel. Find the best Carhartt Stocking Hats and Ball Caps today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carhartt’s most iconic beanie is the A18 - Acrylic Watch Cap (or knit cuffed beanie). This stylish, durable, and stretchy hat is available in a variety of different colors and has become an outdoor favorite for work or weekends.
Most Carhartt beanies are made from a flexible, rib-knit acrylic fabric. This material provides warmth and durability, but, most importantly, offers ample stretchability to fit a wide variety of heads.
Carhartt beanies are available in adult and kids’ sizes. Since they’re stretchy enough to fit on almost any head, adult beanies are one size fits all. Kids beanies come in toddler and youth sizes. The size chart below breaks down the approximate measurements for each. Remember, these hats will stretch if your head measurement doesn’t match exactly.

Carhartt’s staple ball cap is the 100289 Odessa Ball Cap (or canvas cap). The 100% cotton, washed-canvas cap comes in an array of colors, features an adjustable strap and is equipped with a Force® sweatband that wicks away moisture while you’re working.
A ball cap’s fit depends largely on the shape and size of your head and your personal preference. While most Carhartt hats are outfitted with adjustable straps, a few styles are fitted. In terms of how its hats are shaped and constructed, Carhartt ball caps feature a number of different profiles and structures. Carhartt's 100289 Odessa Ball Cap and 100286 Buffalo Ball Cap are examples of lightly structured, medium-to-low profile hats, meaning the hat material is very pliable and the crown of the hat won’t sit high on your head. Whereas the 101195 Dunmore Ball Cap is a more structured, high-profile option, meaning the hat’s fabric is stiffer and its crown sits higher on your head. Please read the product details carefully to understand how each cap may fit your head.
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