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Father's Day Next Day Delivery Expires in:

Dungarees' Warehouse Shipping Status

Before you order, you should know we're committed to getting your package out the door as quickly as possible. Here's our current shipping status:
96% of orders placed before 3 pm CT ship within one business day.(updated 06/13 at 4 pm CST)

Looking for products that are available for Father's Day Delivery? View only "In-Stock" items.

We know prompt delivery is important, especially when you want Father's Day gifts on time. That's why we've made it simple during the shopping process to see which products are available for Father's Day Delivery. Simply choose the "In-Stock" option in the filter menu on any category page. The resulting products are those immediately available for Father's Day delivery. For even better results, we encourage you to also choose your desired size in addition to the in-stock option. This will refine your results even more.

Still not sure if you'll get it by Father's Day? Look in your shopping cart.

After you're finished shopping, click the cart icon at the top of the page or the CHECKOUT button. If you see the following message at the top of your cart, you can expect all of your items to arrive before Father's Day if you choose a Father's Day Delivery option at shipping.

If you see the following message at the top of your cart, you can expect some of your items WILL NOT arrive before Father's Day.

Which items are available?

You can check individual products to see which are eligible for Father's Day Delivery. Each individual item that is available, will be clearly marked like this:

Unavailable items will be clearly marked in your cart like this:

What if an item isn't available for Father's Day Delivery?

To ensure your entire cart arrives in time for Father's Day, remove any unavailable items from the cart and consider placing a separate order for just those items.