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Dungarees Footwear

You may know Dungarees for our durable work wear, but we also carry several great brands of work footwear! Having a hard time deciding which brand to check out first? We’ll give a run down of what you can expect from each brand of Dungarees footwear.

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Work Boot Insulation

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Insulated boots are great for working or playing in cold weather conditions. There are many different types and weights of insulation available for footwear and it can be difficult to determine just what you need to keep you going in the cold. This guide will explain the

Merrell Footwear Technologies

Merrell footwear’s patented technologies are just what you need to keep you warm, dry and on the move. Having trouble figuring out just what you’ll need in your footwear? Here is a breakdown of each feature to help you decide.


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Why We Love Merrell

We know you don’t work all the time, and if you do, an extra pair of amazing shoes might be right up your alley.

In steps Merrell!

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How to Achieve a Military Shine on your Boots

Here is the best way we have found to achieve a military shine on your boots that everyone tries to perfect in three easy steps!

Items you will need to complete this process:

  • Tin of wax-based Kiwi Shoe polish
  • Old dusting cloth you don’t mind getting dirty
  • 1 soft bristle brush
  • 1 hard bristle brush
  • Bowl of water

Things to steer away from:

  • Do not use alcohol as it could strip away any finish your boot may already has.
  • Avoid using Kiwi Parade Gloss as the silicone in the wax will create large, deep scratches in the polish if and when you scuff your shoe

Step 1
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