6 Reasons Workers are Switching to Ariat Rebar Jeans

For far too long, guys that work for a living have sacrificed comfort, style and mobility for work apparel that’s stiff, heavy and, ultimately, a drag to work in. But things are changing, due in large part to brands like Ariat Rebar, who is bucking the status quo with work clothes that guys are actually comfortable working in. Those innovations are on full display with Ariat Rebar jeans, which are quickly becoming the working guy’s go-to denim.

So what feature, exactly, makes Ariat Rebar jeans so different from other work jeans? Well, technically, it’s not one single feature – it’s more like 6! Outlined below, these innovations make Ariat Rebar jeans the perfect job-site companion that will not only make work more comfortable, but will endure this work season and beyond.

Ariat Rebar Jean Features:

  1. Loop Lock® System
    • All Ariat Rebar denim jeans feature the brand’s patented Loop Lock® system on the rear belt loop. This extra strong belt loop is reinforced to withstand the rigors of daily work and ensures the most important loop on your jeans won’t bust. Additionally, all of the belt loops are secured with anchored stitches for ruggedness and strength.
    • Featured Style: Ariat Rebar M4 Workhorse


  1. 2x More Durable
    • Ariat Rebar jeans are built to be two times more durable than the competitors’ denim. Think about that for a second. Two times the durability means workers are replacing their jeans less often. Let’s face it, shopping for jeans isn’t fun, so investing in a pair that will last longer than most is a no-brainer. Plus, knowing that their jeans will answer the bell day after day, project after project, allows workers to focus on more important things.
    • Featured Style: Ariat Rebar M5 Edge


  1. Superior Styling
    • Yes, they’re work jeans, but there’s no reason workers can’t look good while they’re getting stuff done. Featuring stylish, modern cuts and subtle, yet attractive trims, Ariat Rebar jeans share a few of the qualities that have made Ariat’s western line so popular with customers. That includes more tailored fits, styles with contrasted stitching, lower rise options, and modern washes.
    • Featured Style: Ariat Rebar M4 Edge


  1. Extra Deep Front Pockets
    • Guys who work for a living are a functional breed. And there’s nothing more functional than pockets. Why is it, then, that jean pockets are always so shallow and non-functional? Ariat Rebar jeans feature some of the biggest front pockets in the work jean industry, built to actually hold stuff and keep you equipped on the job.
    • Featured Style: Ariat Rebar M3 Loose Straight Leg Jeans


  1. Integrated knife pocket
    • If deep pockets weren’t enough, Ariat raised the bar by integrating a knife holder into the front right pocket. Big enough for various knives or small tools, but subtle enough that it doesn’t make the pocket bulky, this built-in storage solution is a unique characteristic workers love.
    • Featured Update: Ariat Rebar M5 Slim Straight Leg


  1. Stretch Fabric
    • Make no mistake, these aren’t designer skinny jeans. However, guys that move around for a living appreciate just the right amount of give in a pair of work dungarees. All Ariat Rebar denim jeans feature a 2% spandex fabric that offers just the right amount of stretch without the dreaded over-stretching that compromises a jean’s fit and comfort.
    • Featured Style: Ariat Rebar M4 Low Rise Boot Cut


Put it all together and it’s clear to see why so many workers are making the switch to Ariat Rebar jeans. Grab a pair and experience Ariat Rebar today.

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