Dungarees Buying Guide: Picking a Carhartt Active Jacket

Choosing a Carhartt Active Jacket

Ask a Carhartt fan what their favorite jacket is and they’ll probably tell you it’s the brown canvas one with the hood. And while they’re technically not wrong, if you’re looking to actually pick out a new Carhartt jacket you’ll find a number of options fitting that very same description. What that fan is most likely describing is the Carhartt active jacket. While Carhartt manufactures all types of outerwear pieces, all of their active jackets share five main features:

  1. Durable, protective outer shells that are snag and wind resistant.
  2. Rib-knit cuffs and waistbands that seal in heat while you work.
  3. Large, rugged zippers that are easy to use with gloves.
  4. Protective hoods with drawstrings.
  5. Roomy pockets that are easy to access.

The infographic below explores the features of various Carhartt active jackets and organizes them by the level of warmth they provide. For more information, and to shop for a Carhartt active jacket, visit the Dungarees Active Jacket Guide.

Choosing a Carhartt Active Jacket

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