Six New Carhartt Pants Workers Will Love

New Carhartt Pant Styles

Carhartt pants have been around for a long time – for over 100 years, as a matter of fact – and they’ve made a name for themselves by offering durability, function and comfort that keeps loyal customers coming back year after year. Carhartt has also mastered the ability to innovate pants to fit the demands of the growing workforce. And while certain styles may very well stand the test of time – we’re looking at you B11 —  Carhartt isn’t afraid to launch new styles that push customer expectations to new levels and attract an entirely new generation of workers to their long-lasting products. Below are the innovative Carhartt pants that are kicking butt – ahem, forging new paths – on to the job site and the jobs we think they’re best-suited to tackle.

Full Swing Cryder Dungaree 2.0 (Style 102812)

102812 All of Carhartt’s pants are built to endure whatever you throw at them, but these Dungarees are specially fitted to repel water with Carhartt’s Rain Defender® technology. Even better, these pants are equipped with articulated knees, which make squatting and kneeling easier. As with all of the pants on this list, the Full Swing Cryder Dungaree 2.0 is made from Rugged Flex® technology. What exactly is Rugged Flex®? It’s a special fabric made with a small percentage of spandex, resulting in a soft and flexible garment that will move with your body, not against it. This particular pant also features a 39% polyester blend, which adds strength and durability. Available in burnt olive, shadow, and Yukon colors.




Why You Should Try the Full Swing Cryder Dungaree 2.0:

  • Soft, Stretchy, and Durable Material
  • Water Repellant
  • Articulated Knees
  • Strong, Sewn-On-Seam Belt Loops
  • Right Leg Cell Phone Pocket
  • Left Leg Utility Pocket

Great For:
Masons who regularly bend, kneel and squat on the job and want a rugged pant to withstand the elements.

Rugged Flex Rigby Double Front Pant (Style 102802)

102802 Double-front styles are often popular because they offer twice the durability and protection of a normal pant with a pocket for knee pad inserts. Adding Rugged Flex® technology to the mix means you have one hell of a tough pant that will stretch and conform to whatever your job calls for. It also features tough-as-nails, sewn-on-seams belt loops and a hidden back zipper pocket. Available in shadow and hickory colors.







Why You Should Try the Rugged Flex Rigby Double Front Pant:

  • Soft and Stretchy Material
  • Double Front with Cleanout Opening for Knee Pads (sold separately)
  • Stronger, Sewn-On-Seam Belt Loops
  • Right Leg Cell Phone Pocket
  • Left Leg Utility Pocket

Great For:

  • Tile or flooring installers who must crouch or kneel throughout the day and depend on a pant that’s flexible and knee-pad friendly.

Rugged Flex Rigby Five Pocket Relaxed Fit Pant (Style 102517)

102517 Quickly scan customer reviews on these work pants and it’s clear to see why they’re a hit. Stylish, comfortable, and lightweight, they also feature Rugged Flex® technology and a relaxed fit made for tackling the day. Best of all, this popular pant is available in 4 colors: gravel, hickory, dark coffee, and dark blue.








Why You Should Try the Rugged Flex Rigby Five Pocket Relaxed Fit Pant :

  • Four color options
  • Soft and Stretchy Material
  • Five Pocket design
  • Strong, Sewn-On-Seam Belt Loops
  • Right Leg Cell Phone Pocket

Great For:

  • Plumbers who want a flexible pant that won’t pinch or bind when they’re in tight situations on the job.

Double Knee Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Jean (Style 103329)

103329Nothing says hard work like a nice pair of denim. Carhartt’s latest take on the double-knee jean features their patented Rugged Flex® technology that’s both rugged and flexible. Since they’re double-knee, they provided added protection and feature cleanout openings that accommodate knee pads. Not to be overlooked are the multiple tool and utility pockets that make these jeans a walking tool belt ready for your next big project.







Why You Should Try the Double Knee Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Jean:

  • 12 oz. rugged, but flexible material
  • Relaxed seat and thigh
  • A number of tool and utility pockets.
  • Double front with cleanout openings that accommodate knee pads

Great For:

  • Loggers who need the added coverage double-front jeans provide, but need flexible pants to help them maneuver tough terrain and tight situations

Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Dungaree Jean (Style 102808)

102808One recent customer described these jeans as “The most comfortable jeans I have ever owned.”  That’s tall praise for a pair of work pants, but judging by other reviews it’s well-deserved. Similar to its double-front partner, these versatile jeans feature a relaxed fit that hardworking guys like, with the Rugged Flex technology that’s taking job sites by storm. Match those qualities with the multiple tool and utility pockets and what you have is a mean, lean, hardworking jean.







Why You Should Try the Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Dungaree Jean:

  • 12 oz durable, yet stretchy material
  • Relaxed seat and thigh
  • A number of tool and utility pockets.
  • Understated and simple, making it a versatile jean.

Great For:

  • Quite frankly, anyone! If you’re looking for a go-to pair of jeans that will endure long days on the job, evenings around the house and every weekend chore on your list, then these are your pair of jeans.

Women’s Original Fit Crawford Pant II (Style 102080)

102080You can’t talk about Carhartt bottoms without mentioning the women’s Crawford pant, the go-to style for hardworking women. Like many of the products Carhartt women prefer, these pants are built just as tough as the guys’ gear, but tailored to fit a woman’s body. Not surprisingly, these pants feature the same Rugged Flex® technology noted on most of the styles in this post. What is unique is the work Carhartt put in to ensure these fit a hardworking woman’s body. From a slightly fitted hip and thigh to a contoured waistband that prevents gapping in the back, these aren’t just downsized men’s jeans. They’re a full-on reimagination of how a women’s pant should fit, look, and function.




Why You Should Try the Women’s Original Fit Crawford Pant II:

  • 8 oz. durable cotton material with a slight stretch.
  • A mid-rise that sits slightly below the waist
  • Ample utility pockets and a hammer loop
  • The right amount of fit around the hip and thigh
  • A contoured waistband that prevents gapping in the back

Great For:

  • As one recent customer noted, these are “Awesome pants for work or play.” In other words, these pants are great for almost any job or activity you throw their way. Available in 4 muted, yet stylish colors, it’s not uncommon for customers to buy a pair in each color to compliment almost every outfit combination they can imagine.


  1. Shiela

    Where are my double fronts with Cordura? None of your new pants have the hammer loop. Kinda basic in my world. And now you are discontinuing the only pant I wear: 100098. Who is on you focus design board? Obviously you need me. I’m available.

    • Shayna

      We’re sorry to hear Carhartt is no longer making the pants you are looking for. We will certainly pass your comments on to our Carhartt representative. While Carhartt does not have any double front pants with Cordura, they are making double front pants with a nylon Carstrong material used for the chap fronts and back kick panels. Unfortunately, these pants do not have a hammer loop. You can view that product at the link below. We appreciate your feedback, please let us know if you have any other suggestions!

    • Shayna

      Any of the pants listed above would be a great option! They are all made with a more flexible material than the classic Carhartt styles and they have cell phone pockets!

    • Shayna

      Hi Lisa, I’m sorry but I’m not quite sure what you mean by “standard inseam”. Most Carhartt pants are available with inseams varying from 30-36 inches. I hope this answers your question, let us know if you have any additional questions!

  2. Michael Klan

    Not a fan of the new flex duck double front knee relaxed fit pant. Get rid of the flex and bring back the more durable duck material in relaxed fit. Not everyone wants a dungaree or loose fit which they still make.

  3. John R. Burres

    Why doesn’t Carhartt make a “Ranger pant w/ cargo side pockets like the Wrangler Riggs work wear in rip-stop and lined winter weight?

  4. Sebastian

    I really wish they would come out with more black pants. Alot of companies with uniform policies are strict and I am only allowed to wear black pants/shorts.

  5. Rick

    Thr relax fit #299, I think it is, was discontinued evidently, I’ve been wearing them for years, such a shame. The material has been getting thin faster anyway. ‘Guess it’s time to try another brand.

    • Shayna

      Hi Rick. We’re sorry to hear Carhartt has discontinued the pants you’ve been wearing. We suggest trying style 102291 or 102517. Both are very similar, they are made with a canvas material, have a relaxed fit, and a cell phone pocket. We hope this helps!

  6. Andrew cyr

    Hi being a right handed roofer every pair i ever had never had a hammer loop on the right side ,but the other day i noticed a guy wearing a pair of carhartt with a hammer loop on both sides.

  7. Randal Van Horn

    Why would Carhartt discontinue the B07? The toughest jeans I ever had. Why do they always quit making stuff that’s great?

    • Ryan

      Real talk man. Don’t get me wrong stretch is an awesome thing to have in work pants, but those were tough as nails! I bought a pair 3 years ago still going strong. I’m happy I bought 2 more pairs last year that are still brand new. both Keene and Berne make pants that are identical to the B07, I can’t find a difference aside from logo.

    • Shayna

      Hey Tracy! We’re sorry to hear your pants have been discontinued. Carhartt still makes a wide variety of pants without stretch. If you let us know what style you were getting before, we can help you find a replacement. Feel free to email us at!


    I’ve worn the B237 15 oz. carpenter dungarees for years, working construction I needed the thickness and all the extra pockets. What replaces them now? I like the thicker jeans year round.

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