The Iconic Carhartt K87 T-Shirt

The Carhartt K87 is 25 years old.

The K87 Workwear T-Shirt has been in Carhartt’s product catalog for more than 25 years now. It is by far Carhartt’s most popular, and maybe it’s most recognizable product. But what makes the Carhartt K87 so special? At first glance, it seems like a fairly basic shirt, but don’t tell that to its many loyal fans. To get a better understanding of its popularity, we sifted through customer reviews to see what Carhartt fans had to say about the K87 and the features that set it apart.

An Ash K87

Many people choose the K87 as their primary work shirt because of its durability. These shirts are cut from the best materials and constructed to stand up to a long day’s work.

What Carhartt fans are saying about the K87’s durability:

“A very comfortable and durable product. I have a Carhartt shirt that is over 15 years old and still in good condition and color.”
“Very nice shirts (that) will last a long time. Most durable shirts I have ever worn.”
“This Carhartt shirt has lasted longer than any other shirt I have owned.”

K87 Pockets that Work

The iconic pocket with the Carhartt patch doesn’t just look great, it is a valuable feature that Carhartt wearers depend on for keeping small tools and other important gear close.

Carhartt fans love the K87’s pocket:

“The pocket is ample not like some tees you see on the market.”
“Great fit and colors. The toughness of these shirts will outlast any other. They are made with the working person in mind. My selling point is the pocket. It holds all my important daily items.”

Carhartt clearly knew what it was doing when it crafted the K87 from a soft jersey knit and gave it a tagless neck label for comfort.

Here’s what Carhartt fans think about the K87’s comfort:

“The shirts are so comfortable. Colors hold up well with many washings.”
“Terrific light weight shirt, very comfortable, good construction.”
“Very comfortable shirt. This has been the only shirt I have worn for a few years now. They have excellent wear and wash well.”
“The fit was great. The tag less shirts feel great too!”

The roomy original fit provides hard workers with plenty of space to move around without constrictions.

Here’s how much Carhartt fans enjoy the K87’s fit:

“I have several of these tee shirts. They fit me just the way I like them. I’m a big fellow and since they are longer than other tees, they cover my backside. I highly recommend.”
“Fits great and is comfortable. A high-quality shirt!”

Color Options
With over 30 colors available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect look for any job or occasion.

Carhartt fans can’t get enough of the K87 colors:

“Nice color choices, perfect fit, great value.“
“Like the shirts. Can get broad selection of colors in tall sizes.”
“Glad they have a lot of colors to choose from. I wear these shirts everywhere I go.”

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