A Simple Guide to CAT Pants

You may know CAT as the manufacturer of rugged construction equipment seen on job sites all over the world, but they’re also a growing workwear brand that brings the same grit and technology to their apparel. That commitment is on full display in their over-designed, work-ready pants line that we are now proud to offer. CAT pants combine comfort, function, and durability into one powerful package. Work a day in these and you’ll quickly see why they’ve become CAT’s top-selling product.

So which of their popular pants are right for you? The infographic below will help you understand the similarities and differences between each. Whichever style you choose, we’re confident that you’ve found one of the hardest working pants on the market.

Styles featured:

CAT H20 Defender Pant
Item: 1810008

CAT Skilled Ops Pant
Item: 1810002

CAT Trademark Pant
Item: C172

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