Nurses Week 2017

Carhartt is known as a rugged workwear brand often connected with farmers and construction workers. Which is why customers are often surprised to learn that Carhartt also makes scrubs. It’s not surprising to us because nursing, like those other trades, is not an easy job. Not only is it physically demanding, but working long, odd hours, managing grief, and covering a high patient load can be emotionally stressful too. This is why the American Nurses Association, in conjunction with Nurses Week, has declared 2017 the Year of the Healthy Nurse! In keeping with this theme, we wanted to take a moment to remind workers from all walks of life of some simple things they can do to combat stress and live a healthy life!

  1. Talk with Friends and Family

When dealing with stress, it’s important to know you aren’t alone. Take a load off by talking with your loved ones.

  1. Ask for Help

Having a support system in place isn’t only helpful mentally. When you have less time, don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand.

  1. Practice Healthy Sleep Patterns

According to the American Psychological Association, lack of sleep can affect memory, judgement, and mood and cause both obesity and high blood pressure. But getting a good night’s rest is sometimes easier said than done. Remember to take time to unwind before bed and turn off those electronics!

  1. Meal Prep

Working long hours can often correlate with unhealthy eating habits. Meal prepping not only  motivates you to eat healthy, it’s one less thing to worry about in the middle of a stressful work week. Plus, it can help to save both time and money!

  1. Take a Moment to Breathe

According to the American Institute of Stress, abdominal breathing for 20-30 minutes a day can reduce both anxiety and stress by increasing the supply of oxygen to your brain. Take whatever time you can to get your oxygen flowing!

  1. Get Outside

There are a range of studies showing the various health benefits related to spending time in the great outdoors. From boosting the immune system, to protecting against disease, and even improving memory, being outside is a great way to reduce stress and stay healthy.

Whether you’re a nurse or a plumber, or somewhere in between, managing your stress level will keep you healthy and productive for years to come. Let us know what you do to decompress after a stressful work week!

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