The Carhartt Force® Difference

Launched around 5 years ago, Carhartt’s Force® line has become, well, a force. You can now find the sweat-fighting, lightweight technology in Carhartt pants, socks, thermals, hats, flame-resistant and Hi-Vis gear, to go along with the t-shirts that were a part of the original release. But what, exactly, makes this patented technology such a difference maker? We took a closer look at a few popular products – and the reviews customers are leaving on them – to understand the Force® difference.

Carhartt Force® Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt

We’d be silly not to start with the wildly popular Carhartt Force® Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt, Carhartt’s high-tech take on a classic.

What Makes It Different?
The Force® material is Carhartt’s answer to a simple problem: How can a garment be made to get workers through an entire day of grime and sweat and still hold up? We’re talking highway construction or roofing a house, not treadmills or tennis lessons. None of these hardworking people want a soggy, dirty t-shirt at the end of the day, much less while they’re working. This Force® shirt will help them achieve that. At first glance, it looks a lot like Carhartt’s K87 pocket tee, but there are a few key differences.

  • Material:For starters, at 5.75 ounces, the fabric is about an ounce lighter than a K87. This lighter-weight fabric keeps you cooler in the elements, but is thick enough for exceptional durability. The 65% cotton / 35% polyester fabric also gives it a more flexible feeling that enhances comfort.
  • Moisture Wicking:The Force® tee also touts FastDry® technology, which is designed to wick away moisture. This is similar to the technologies you might find in athletic shirts from brands like Under Armor or Nike. But remember, these shirts are for work, which brings us to another important feature…
  • Raglan Sleeves:What are raglan sleeves exactly? Simply put, they provide a greater range of motion for people constantly on the move. Instead of one seam on top of the shoulder, these sleeves are constructed with two seems that sit at the front and back side of the shoulder.
  • Fight Stains: If those features aren’t enough, Force® products are also equipped with Stain Breaker® technology which breaks up and fights stains, keeping your shirt clean throughout your day and after multiple washes.

What do customers think?

Fancy marketing copy aside, the proof is truly in the pudding. Here’s what real people think about the Carhartt Force® Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt.

“These shirts are the best work shirts ever. The stitch seams are perfect. No limitations, they stay cool and they are tough. Love them.”

Alex, NJ

Bought 5 of these to wear for work in summer/fall. Going to order more.”

Bobby, MA

“Great fit and comfortable! Not too thin and not to heavy, just right!”

Arturo, TX

Carhartt Tappen Force Cargo Short


As mentioned above, Force isn’t just for t-shirts. Yet another popular product in this high-performance line is the Carhartt Tappen Force® Cargo Short.

What Makes It Different?

  • Fabric & Weight: Just like with the tees, this pair of shorts is lighter than its peers, measuring in at 7 ounces. Not only are they light, but they’re durable too. That’s because they’re constructed from a 100% cotton ripstop fabric. This rugged material is built using a special reinforcing technique that makes them tear- and rip-resistant.
  • Moisture Wiking: Also like the t-shirt, these shorts come equipped with Carhartt’s FastDry® In other words, they work to keep you dry while you’re working up a sweat.
  • Stain-fighting Properties: One bold customer said it best when he explained that the “Blood stain came right out after washing.” Proof that Carhartt’s Stain Breaker® technology lives up to the hype.
  • Construction & Pockets: Mix those features with a gusseted crotch, perfectly-placed cargo pockets, and stronger belt loops, and what you have is the perfect companion for all of summer’s big jobs.

What do customers think?

“By far the best pair of shorts I’ve owned. Bought a few more pairs and wear them at work in a hot room all day. They don’t rip and dry insanely fast…”
Brain, NY

“I just purchased these Shorts a few weeks back and I absolutely love them. They are comfortable and very relaxing. I am used to my old shorts that just don’t hold up to the wear and tear. I bought these and I love them.”
Mark, MI

“My husband hates wearing shorts. Picked up a pair of these and the fact that they are so lightweight but look like the same weight of a regular cotton short is what sold him …between hikes and a toddler, nothing has caused a scratch let alone a rip. Will pick up a slew of these…”
Beth, OH

Carhartt Women’s Utility Knit Pant


Did we mention Force is also available on a host of women’s products? None are more popular than the Carhartt Force® Utility Knit Pant, often referred to as work leggings.

What Makes It Different?

  • Fabric: First and foremost, all of the Force® properties are on full display with this pant, as they dry quickly and fight odors. Even better, the fabric is made from a 95% nylon/5% spandex ponte, which provides a snug fit with added, flexibility and durability on the job. Add to that abrasion-resistant pockets and knee panels, and you have one tough pair of leggings.
  • Fit & Style: Because of their slim fit and flexibility, these pants fall into the popular women’s legging category. It’s a style that’s gained favor with women because it’s versatile, flattering and goes with just about anything. But make no mistake, these leggings aren’t made for treadmills or casual Friday at the office. These pants are made for women who work.
  • Innovation: Make no mistake, these pants are not only stylish, but they’re functional too. (Did we mention 6 pockets?) They’re an innovative solution for hardworking women who want gear that’s just as tough as what the guys wear, but made for a woman’s body.

What do customers think?

“I absolutely love these leggings!! I am an electrician and have to squeeze into some pretty tight spaces. Not only do these leggings give me the flexibility I need, they’re durable as all get out! I have three pairs now and wear them pretty much every day.” 

Courtney, NC

“I love them! They fit more like snug work out pants, but I went from having 0 pockets to 6!”

Akdino, AK

“These have been my go-to option for work pants. I have a very active job and they stay put all day long. I never have to worry about them falling down when bending over and picking up equipment. I am going to be purchasing more!”

Mary, PA

“Just used these on a 12-day work trip involving major physical work in hot conditions. Cutting, hauling of concrete, brush, wood etc. They did not snag, stretch out or stain. Breath-ability is..better than jeans. Super comfortable and the waist doesn’t gap.”

Sue, MI


With the Force® family of products, Carhartt has found the perfect way to combine the functionality and comfort of high-performing athletic wear with the durability and toughness of work clothes. With summer around the corner, there’s no better time to try a Carhartt  Force® product out. You won’t be disappointed.


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