Spring has arrived! Or has it?

Before you break out your shorts and tank tops, remember the transition from winter to spring can bring unpredictable weather. Here at Dungarees’ Missouri headquarters, for instance, it’s not uncommon to see 70 degrees and sunshine one day, and below-freezing temperatures and snow the next. The extreme conditions make getting dressed in the morning an adventure, but it has taught us the value of layers and the importance of being prepared for any weather event. Here’s the type of gear we won’t leave home without this time of year, including some of our favorite products:

With drastic temperature shifts, you don’t want to forget an extra layer for warmth. Throw on a Carhartt sweatshirt in the morning when it’s cool and peel it off in the afternoon when it starts to warm up. Most Carhartt sweatshirts are made with a water-repellent finish, in case you get caught in an unexpected drizzle, and there are a variety of styles to fit your daily activities.

Our Pick:
The Carhartt Force Extremes™ Signature Graphic hooded sweatshirt was made for late winter and early spring activities. Heck, we wear ours year-round. The lightweight fabric features 37.5™ Technology that dries quick and fights odor. Plus, it comes in 10 different colors.
Carhartt Force Extremes Signature Graphic Hooded Sweatshirt

Rain Jackets
More than a drizzle headed your way? You’ll want a rain jacket handy so that you’re not walking around in wet gear after the pop-up shower is gone. Carhartt makes rainwear for any situation, including high-visibility styles if your job requires it. Not only do these jackets look and fit great, but they feature premium fabrics and fully-taped waterproof seams that stand up to the elements – because nothing’s worse than a rain jacket that doesn’t live up to its name.

Our Pick:
The Carhartt Shoreline Vapor Jacket features the Storm Defender® 2.5-layer waterproof membrane, a Rain Defender® durable water-repellent finish and fully taped, waterproof seams. Translation: This jacket is built for working outside when Mother Nature thinks otherwise. And because it’s lightweight, the Shoreline jacket is easy to pack away in a bag while you’re on the go.
Carhartt Shoreline Vapor Jacket

Maybe you know someone who wears shorts all year round, even when it’s freezing. While the warmer weather may tempt you to jump on the shorts bandwagon, keep in mind that cool overnight temperatures make for frigid mornings and chilly evenings. While we may be past insulated pant season, a lightweight pant can go a long way in spring conditions.

Our Pick:  The Carhartt Force Extremes™ Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant is a great, lightweight option, featuring the 37.5 ™ Technology that dries fast and keeps your body at an ideal temperature. They’re like pants with a thermostat and you’re the only one controlling the dial!
Force Extremes Relaxed Fit Cargo Pants
Runner Up:
Want the best of both worlds? The Carhartt Force Extremes™ Convertible Pant offers a relaxed fit and Rugged Flex® durable stretch technology, but most importantly they convert from pants to shorts when you need a little extra breathability. Perfect for cool days that turn into hot afternoons.
Force Extremes Convertible PantsForce Extremes Convertible PantsForce Extremes Convertible Pants

Find yourself in wet and sloppy conditions often? Dry clothes mean nothing if your feet are soaked. In fact, working in wet feet for long stretches of time can result in painful blisters and cracked skin. To protect your feet from moisture, invest in a pair of waterproof boots or shoes. We offer a number of brands that specialize in waterproof gear, including Muck, Wolverine, Carhartt, and Danner, to name a few. Even with waterproof footwear, extreme conditions and perspiration may still leave your feel a little wet. That’s why it’s also important to wear a high-performance, moisture-wicking sock that will dry quicker than regular cotton blends.

Our Pick:
We like to keep a pair of Muck Chore High waterproof boots available when dirt turns to mud and conditions get sloppy. These lightweight boots fit snuggly to your calf to keep out additional moisture that could sneak in through the openings. Despite being light, the boot is surprisingly durable with a triple-reinforced toe and a quadruple-reinforced heel area.
Much Chore High boot

Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Sure, short-sleeve and sleeveless tees are a spring and summer staple, but don’t forget about long-sleeve options earlier in the season. Long sleeves offer additional warmth when you need it, but they can also be rolled up when the day gets warm. And just like with the Force® pants mentioned above, there are several Force® long sleeve tees that offer moisture-wicking technology that dries quickly and adjusts to your body temperature.

Our Pick:
Call us simple, but nothing beats the fit and performance of our Carhartt Force® Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt. Featuring the versatile Force® technology mentioned above, this long sleeve tee gets us through many long days on the job. We not only love that it wicks away moisture, but the Raglan sleeves give us extra range of motion. Not to be overlooked, the popular Carhartt, left-chest pocket offers a quick, mid-project storage solution that will keep you on task. (We’re not responsible for loose screws or drill bits in the wash!)
Force Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt

Together, this gear can carry you through those unpredictable days that will eventually give away to warmer, more steady conditions. Until that day arrives, it’s best to keep your weather app handy and your all-condition gear at the ready!

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