Dungarees Staff Picks

Here at Dungarees we’re privileged to be the first to try out the gear we sell. By field testing our merchandise, we learn a lot about the products and are able to pass that expertise on to you! Our roles within Dungarees may be diverse, but we can all agree on one thing: The products we sell help us get our jobs done! From the store front to the warehouse staff, we are all able to find a style and fit that suits our needs.

Learn more about a few of our employees and the products they love below! Who knows, it might just help you find a new favorite!

Casey is a new member of the marketing team who spends a lot of time at a desk. As anyone who works in an office will tell you, temperatures vary throughout the year! That, and trips outside for various marketing projects, make layering important to Casey. He says that even during Missouri winters, he does not typically wear heavyweight gear, so the Carhartt Crowley Jacket is perfect for him. Being new to Dungarees, Casey is still exploring the Carhartt product line. The Rigby Pants are one of the new additions to his wardrobe, “I personally don’t need a lot of pockets or pouches for tools and I prefer pants that aren’t too baggy or too snug. These fit me perfectly.” His Merrell Moab shoes are another great choice for transitioning from the office to the weekend, as they are comfortable enough to wear in the office or running around with his kids and they keep his feet dry when working outdoors.


As the store front manager, Rachel’s responsibilities range from stocking shelves to assisting customers. She must dress comfortably and professionally. She says that the Nyona Slim Fit Jeans are particularly good for her line of work, “these pants are comfortable and they sit high enough so I don’t have to worry about bending over, but they are still very stylish.” The El Paso Utility Vest is another one of her favorite items. She appreciates the number of pockets it has so she can carry all of her essentials, both at work and away from the office. Layering the vest on top of the Meadow Long Sleeve Henley keeps her warm without restricting her movement. “I wear all of my clothes after work,” Rachel says. She loves that she can wear the same Carhartt gear to run errands or dress it up to go out with friends.


Sam works in the Dungarees warehouse and says durability is the most important factor when choosing work clothes. He loves to wear the Force Extremes™ Cargo Pants because they are lightweight and “feel unlike any other pants.” The warehouse can often be chilly in the mornings, but Sam tends to work up a sweat as the day goes on. This is why the new Force Extremes™ Signature Graphic Hooded Sweatshirt has become a go-to for him. One of Sam’s many duties include transferring items from one warehouse to another, putting him out in the sun for portions of the day. For this reason, he wears the Buffalo Ball Cap. This breathable cap keeps the sun off his face but doesn’t hold a lot of heat around his head. Last but not least, safety is important for all of Dungarees warehouse staff. That’s why Sam prefers the Wolverine Legend DuraShocks® with a composite-toe to protect his feet as he gets the job done!

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