Dungarees Exclusives

Dungarees Exclusives
Being one of Carhartt’s largest online retailers has its perks. One of the biggest is working directly with Carhartt on merchandise you won’t find anywhere else. We like to call those products “exclusives”, which often leads to this popular customer question: What the heck is an exclusive product?

What is an exclusive product?

Very simply, an ‘exclusive’ is a product you won’t find anywhere else. We work closely with Carhartt to identify popular products and then offer them in new and unique ways. For instance, we recently announced exclusive colors (black/camo and charcoal/lime) for our K231 long sleeve logo t-shirts. Along with the K231, there are two new colors available for the K288 midweight logo sleeve sweatshirt (charcoal heather/camo and new navy/orange). These are unique color combinations you won’t find from any other Carhartt retailer. We promise.

Exclusive items aren’t limited to new colors either. We also collaborated with Carhartt on exclusive styles of their popular watch hats. One of those hats features a blackout version of Carhartt’s iconic “C” logo, while the other has the same “C” logo embroidered as an American flag. Not to be outdone, we also partnered with Carhartt to create the Carhartt x Dungarees watch hats with the Carhartt logo on one side and a Dungarees patch on the other. These are one-of-a-kind hats that we think you’ll really enjoy.

Best of all, because these are exclusive styles, you can wear them with confidence knowing that you’ll stand out from the crowd in unique Carhartt gear. That is, unless all of your friends and family shop at Dungarees too, which we don’t think is such a bad thing either!

Keeping Up with Exclusive Styles

We do our best to make sure you know about our exclusive Carhartt products. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to join the Team Dungarees email list to be the first to know about exciting new products, special deals, and other promotions.

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