Every Pair Of Carhartt Bibs Has A Story

A well-worn pair of Carhartt bibs

We sell Carhartt bibs to every type of working person out there, from mechanics to ranchers. Just like scientists look at rings to learn more about a tree’s history, a quick look at our customer’s bibs can tell quite a tale too. Whether they’re splattered in grease, covered in grime, torn at the knees or just plain worn out (or “in”, depending on your viewpoint), Carhartt bibs don’t just tell stories of what we do, they paint pictures of who we are.

The bibs highlighted above, which are owned and operated by a Dungarees employee, have hundreds of projects and 10+ years of service to their credit — with no sign of quit in sight. When asked to tell a unique story about this pair, the employee couldn’t pinpoint just one, requesting instead that we return them as soon as possible for an upcoming project later this week! A project that will no doubt add another layer of history, and perhaps a few more tears and stains, to this rugged piece of work wear.

We’d love to see and hear what stories are soaked into the threads of your favorite bibs! Share your tales in the comment section below or on one of our social media channels.



  1. Jeffrey E Bibb

    I have a pair of bibs that were given to me by my nearest and dearest old friend, they are older than I am (47), he wore them when he went on his annual duck hunting trip to Canada. He bought them to deal with massive amounts of briars in the area they hunted. They fit me when he first gave them to me but they are too small now but I still have them and the elastic shoulder straps are still as flexible as ever after all these years.

    If you have any interest in this story, let me know and I’ll dig them out and take all the pics you want

  2. Sparks

    My Carhartt bib has straight horizontal wrinkles evenly spaced every two inches from the top to the waist. Also, wrinkles on each cuff. First of all I work in skilled trades. Second, I work as a Halloween actor. I was tied to a heavy wooden chair in the bibs I wore all day at work as my act at night. Much more difficult to escape if the rope is looped through the brace of the overalls over the back of the chair, and the torso ropes won’t slide around over the bib. Makes a great haunt scene having a guy in denim bib overalls tied to a chair and gagged.

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