Summer Gear From Dungarees

What are your plans this summer? Dungarees stocks the all of essential summer gear you need to stay comfortable and enjoy your activities whether its fishing, camping, tailgating or anything in between.

If you’re planning on spending your summer out on the lake fishing, we recommend lighter moisture-wicking clothing from Carhartt and if it’s gonna get hot, you might want to think about upgrading your cooler to a Yeti. You’ll be amazed at how long it will keep your ice, which we all know is essential to keeping your ‘drinks’ cold and your catch preserved. The money you’ll save on ice will quickly add up to the cost of the cooler!


If your a regular camper , you already know how important being prepared is. That’s why you’ll find an assortment of the essentials at Coolers, water bottles, matches, fire starters, day and night time clothing, you’ll find it all.

You always want to be the life of the party at any tailgate, so make sure you have the right equipment. We would definitely recommend some Yeti products, whether that be their Tank or Colster, both will make your presence known! We even carry the wildly popular Yeti Hopper!

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