Carhartt T-Shirt Materials


From Carhartt’s classic cotton t-shirts to their new Force® and Force Extremes™ active wear, Carhartt can offer shirts for a variety of environments. Figure out which material is best for your day-to-day or get one of each and be prepare for everything life throws your way!

Cotton T-Shirts

A lot of Carhartt’s most popular t-shirts are made with their classic, 100% cotton material. These are both soft, comfortable and make laundering hassle free. The cotton K87 Workwear T-Shirt has become a staple in the Carhartt line.

Force® T-Shirts

Carhartt Force T-Shirts are made with a cotton/polyester blend. They are fast drying and sweat-wicking, making great shirts for working in warmer weather.

Force Extremes™ T-Shirts

Carhartt Force Extremes T-Shirts are made with 60% Polyester/40% Cocona® 37.5™ polyester. This new material is made to regulate your body to its ideal temperature. Force Extremes are made with very light-weight fabric but will still keep you comfortable throughout the varying temperatures of the day. Learn more about Force Extremes here.

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