6 New Carhartt Spring Styles

Carhartt launches their newest products every spring and fall. While most are new colors and replacement styles, there are always a few styles that offer something a little different than what they have done before. Check out some of our favorite new Carhartt Spring styles below!

1. Convertible Pants

It’s a pant, it’s a short. Now it’s both. You no longer have to go ‘all in’ on your pant selection when you walk out the door in the morning.


2. 13″ Cargo Short

These are for all you tall men out there that are tired of short shorts. Carhartt hasn’t had a 13″ work short in the line for a couple of years, so this will be a welcome addition many of you have been asking for.

13 shorts

3. Light-Weight Vest

Carhartt is well known for their variety of cold-weather vests, but this is the first option that is ideal for warmer weather. Great for fishing and hiking, you’ll also be sure to not run out of pockets.


4. Full-Swing Pants

Carhartt launched their Full Swing jackets in the fall and have added the same stretchable fabric to the knees of these pants. Being able to bend at the knees is no longer the pain it used to be.


5. Gaiters

Options available for both men and women, these aren’t considered warm weather gear. You would mainly want to use these as protection in extremely windy or sunny conditions, regardless of the temperature.


6. Women’s Nail Apron

Ladies, you no longer have to wear the guy’s nail apron. This one has been customized just for you. The Women’s Nail Apron has all of the features of the men’s in a great new color!


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