Carhartt Cold Weather Socks

When cold weather hits, it is so important to keep your feet warm and protected. It is often hard to decipher which socks are best for cold weather conditions, so we’ve done the work for you!

Carhartt Heavyweight Arctic Wool Sock


One of the warmest men’s socks available is the Carhartt Heavyweight Arctic Wool Sock. Made with a very high wool content, this sock doesn’t only regulate your body temperature but it also has odor resistant properties to keep you fresh all day long.

Carhartt Extremes Cold Weather Boot Sock


One of our most popular socks, the Carhartt Extremes Cold Weather Boot Sock is made with a heavyweight material to keep you warm. It also has added length for even more coverage.

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Carhartt Women’s Heavyweight Boot Sock


The Carhartt Women’s Heavyweight Boot Sock‘s fabric blend regulates temperate and keeps feet dry. With added cushion in the foot and lower leg, this sock will keep you both warm and comfortable.

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