Dungarees Staff Picks

Working at Dungarees has its advantages when it comes to having an active lifestyle. We are always first to try out new products by Carhartt, figuring out what we like and don’t like about specific products and then passing that information back to the customers. Rarely do we ever find any issues with this brand which is why we don’t just sell it – we wear it.

Below are a few of our employees wearing the Carhartt products that work best for them.

Ben has a very physical demanding job with us here at Dungarees. His job requires him to unload, load and delivery heavy items such as our inventory, catalogs and safes for local customers. Moving very heavy items all day requires Ben to wear products that move with him and that are in no way restricting – This is why he chooses Carhartt. Ben prefers to where the Carhartt Force T-shirts that wick away moisture and release stains. He always likes to wear a light-weight, yet strong pair of shorts that stand up to everything that he throws at them. To top it all of, Ben wears a hat. This keeps him cool when working outside and prevents dust and debris from falling into his eyes, keeping him moving all day without slowing him down.

Ben is wearing:

In Caleb’s free time he loves spending time outdoors camping, hiking, fishing and exploring new places. To enjoy his time, he prefers to wear products that allow him to move any which way without restriction. He loves the Carhartt Force® line because the material is light, cool, moisture wicking, and stain resistant. His usual attire includes a Carhartt Force® t-shirt, Carhartt Force® Pants and good pair of hiking shoes/boots. He also loves Merrell footwear for casual hiking/walking and Wolverine footwear for the more rugged part of the trail. Both Merrell and Wolverine are great because they provide the stability and flexibility that he needs.

Caleb is wearing:

Merrell Footwear

Shayna is one of those people that is perpetually cold, so she loves that Carhartt’s new Fall items give her a lot of options for layering. The double front pants not only help to keep her warm as the weather starts to cool down but they are made with a slim fit for a more youthful look. She goes from the office to playing with her nephews to working in the yard so she needs clothes that are versatile. The Force® Reydell Flannel is a perfect choice because it doesn’t restrict movement and can be easily removed when she starts to work up a sweat. These clothes are everything shes looking for; warm, durable, and comfortable.

Shayna is wearing:

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