Why We Love Merrell

We know you don’t work all the time, and if you do, an extra pair of amazing shoes might be right up your alley.

In steps Merrell!

Merrell has been revolutionizing performance footwear for the past 30 years, but sweet shoes and boots aren’t the only reason to slip on a pair. Let us confess our reason for loving/selling/buying this dynamic brand…

  1. DIVERSITY. They understand that not every foot is created equal. Not only do they design different shoes for men and women, understanding that each has a different bone structure and stride, they design for different activities because what you do has an effect on the support that you need. Whether you’re running, hiking, working or walking you can count on Merrell to take care of you every step of the way.
  2. SUSTAINABILITY. Not only are the boxes and packaging made from 100% recycled materials, but they also use eco-friendly equipment wherever possible. On top of their internal practices, Merrell is also very involved with the community, creating walking trails, planting wildflowers and raising money and donating to charities like United Way, Soles4Souls and Goodwill.
  3. TECHNOLOGY. From waterproof linings to breathable footwear, quick dry technology to insulation, Merrell is on the cutting edge of technology to protect you in whatever situation you need.
  4. HEALTHY. They create organizations to get people outside and moving. With organizations like The Pack Project and Outdoor Nation Merrell helps to bring adults and youths outdoors to make meaningful impacts to the community.
  5. VARIETY. Running, hiking, and casual options that Dungarees just didn’t have before. We look at a lot of brands and Merrell really fit Dungaree’s DNA best.
  6. LOVE. We really love them. Seriously, half our staff is wearing them right now.

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