How Many Cans Fit Into A Yeti Cooler?

Lots of factors come into play when you are looking to purchase a cooler, one of which is determining which size you need. Yeti offers a variety of different sizes but it is sometimes hard to tell how much each will actually hold. To help put this in perspective, we’ve broken it down by how many cans each size will hold assuming it is half cans & half ice. Depending on the length of your trip or how much you plan on drinking, you may choose to change the can to ice ratio, but hopefully this guide will give you a good idea on which size Yeti cooler is best for you. See the chart below the video to see what each model will hold. This video shows how many cans a Yeti Tundra 65 will hold.

Roadie 20: 14 Cans

Tank 85: 40 Cans

Tundra 35: 20 Cans

Tundra 45: 26 Cans

Tundra 50: 32 Cans

Tundra 65: 39 Cans (Shown in video above)

Tundra 75: 50 Cans

Tundra 105: 59 Cans

Tundra 110: 65 Cans

Tundra 125: 81 Cans

Tundra 160: 100 Cans

Tundra 250: 155 Cans

Tundra 420: 268 Cans

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  1. Chad

    This is awesome! This is just what everyone wants to know…. How Many Beers Can It Really Hold? Thanks for sharing this!

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