The Different Fits Of Carhartt Shirts

Choosing the type of Carhartt Shirt to buy is an important decision. Everybody likes their shirts to fit differently, and when buying online it is difficult to know whether or not you will receive the fit you were expecting. Luckily, there is two different Carhartt shirt fits to accommodate everyone’s style. This guide gives a brief explanation of exactly how each shirt fits and can hopefully get you in the shirt you want the first time without having to return or exchange it.

Types of Fits

Relaxed Fit – The relaxed fit shirts give room for movement while you’re working without being too baggy. This fit is cut closer to the body than the original fit, but is every inch as comfortable.

Original Fit – The most roomy fit, the original fit shirts are for those who like a lot of room for movement. Such a generous cut like this is truly meant for the working man.


  1. Betty Dunham

    I buy for several men in the family who are both tall and thin–never sure which size to buy in either short or long sleeves. What do you recommend?

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