Carhartt Bib Selection Guide

Do you have questions about Carhartt Bibs & Overalls? If so, you’re not alone. We get a lot of questions about these from customers, and it’s no surprise that they also have the highest exchange rate due to sizing confusion. Before you order your new bibs, be sure to read the Carhartt Bib Selection Guide below.
Ok, so let’s get the hard one out of the way. Sizing for bibs can be a little confusing, mainly because people don’t realize that in some styles they need to order a size or two up in the waist compared to what they would wear in a pair of pants. So if you wear a size 42 Waist, you probably want to order a size 44 or 46 Waist. As for length, you probably don’t want your bibs to drag on the ground. But, with that being said, if you tend to like your jeans long you may want to go down a size in length. However, most people do find they wear the same length in bibs as they do in their jeans. Please note that each bib is sized differently and will need to be measured a little differently. For instance someone who wears a 38W x 32L in pants will wear a 42W x 32L in bib style #R02, but a 38W x 32L in bib style #R38. If shopping on, please use the size chart located on the product page for sizing on that specific style.
Depending on the use for your bibs, linings may or may not be an option. Probably anything indoors that doesn’t involve working in a freezer will call for unlined bibs. If you are working outside in colder temperatures, you will probably want to consider opting for some lined bibs. Carhartt bibs currently come lined with either mid-weight nylon quilt lining or arctic lining, which is considered the warmest.
There are four distinct types of fabrics used for the outer shell of the bibs – Sandstone Duck, Firm Duck, Denim & Extremes. The Sandstone & Firm Duck are the fabrics that Carhartt is well known for. They are very similar except the Sandstone has a softer, more ‘washed’ feel to it, while the Firm is much stiffer. There are two denim styles, with each having it’s own unique denim feel. The R07 is a softer denim fabric while the R08 is much stiffer. The Extremes┬« fabric is used in the styles that need to handle the coldest temperatures. It is made out of 1000-denier Cordura┬« and is water repellent.
Carhartt bibs come with either zippers to the knee, zippers to the thigh or no zippers at all. Zippers are a preference of the customer and can improve the functionality of the item. Some people like the zippers to the thigh to allow them to slip the bibs on/off easier. Try to think about how you will be using them to decide which zipper option would be best for you.
Double-Knee & Knee Pads
Carhartt knows how hard the workers that wear their bibs work, and that’s why they’ve made almost every bib able to accommodate knee pads. The knee pads come separately, but we highly recommend them if you think you will be on your knees at all.

We hope this post helps solve some of your Carhartt bib questions. Please feel free to contact the Customer Service if you have any question


  1. Diana Trulock

    zipper broke on jacket. Can’t find anyone to put a new zipper in. Jacket is in great condition
    so do not to buy a new one.

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